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Top 10 Trends for Christmas Lights that Will Make Your Home Shine

Top 10 Trends for Christmas Lights that Will Make Your Home Shine

From family gatherings and gift-giving to sharing seasonal recipes and decorating the house—everyone has their favorite holiday memories, especially when it comes to holiday lights. Many homeowners love the idea of stringing decorative Christmas lights so their home shines beautifully throughout the holiday season. And it doesn’t have to be hard to do so—but there are a few things to consider before you climb that ladder and start hanging those bulbs.

DIY vs. Professional Installation of Christmas Lights

When preparing to install holiday lighting on your house and lawn, there are several considerations to take into account, such as:

  • Style trends—What’s in style, and what’s out of date?
  • Functionality—How many lights do you need to achieve the look you desire?
  • Technology—What cool new lighting devices are worth investing in?
  • Safety—What is the safest way to hang lights and power them?
  • Timing—How will you fit putting up the decorations into your hectic holiday

Many homeowners quickly discover that hiring licensed professionals to install Christmas lights can be advantageous:

  • Enjoy numerous options—Pro companies use their own supplies to create your home’s holiday look, allowing you to enjoy different colors and designs every year.
  • Achieve bold displays—Experienced Christmas light installers can help you design and execute exactly what you have in mind, in the most stunning way.
  • Save time—Installing lights can be time-consuming for DIY-ers. Professionals can bring in a team to get it done quickly and perfectly.
  • Manage expenses—Because professional installers supply all the lights, décor, and equipment, you don’t have to purchase and store them.
  • Ensure safety—Many homeowners injure themselves by trying to install lights without the proper tools or expertise. Why take the risk? Hire professionals who have the right equipment and experience to install Christmas lights safely.

Design Tips for Holiday Lighting

As you plan your Christmas lights display, consider incorporating these 10 fun, festive design options:

  1. Solar string lights—Solar lights use the power of sunlight to charge and illuminate your holiday décor, saving you on electric bills.
  2. Shaped lights—Today’s bulbs come in all shapes and sizes. Choose wintery snowflakes, spiky “chuzzle balls,” dangling icicles, fuzzy snowballs, and other seasonal options.
  3. Rope lights—Plastic ropes with bulbs encased inside offer an easy, attractive way to wrap tree trunks or line driveways.
  4. Wrapped planters—Get creative by wrapping strings of Christmas lights around objects that normally don’t get decorated, such as large outdoor planters, bird baths, and lawn statues.
  5. Glowing holiday globes—Luminous globes make an attractive seasonal centerpiece. Or, line them up in a large glass vase by your front door for a unique look.
  6. Curtain lighting—These “panels” of lights mimic the look and feel of a bright, shining curtain. They provide a beautiful way to illuminate outdoor seating areas.
  7. Glowing garland—Hang garland along your fence, stair rails, or door lintels. Then weave stringed lights into the garland to create a glowing, lush, green look.
  8. Pre-strung wired decorations—Make decorating your lawn simply by using seasonal wire decorations pre-strung with lights—such as wire Christmas trees and wreaths.
  9. Cascading lights—This popular option takes advantage of today’s LED lighting to create a beautiful, strobing look that resembles falling stars.
  10. LED projectors—Create rotating patterns of holiday lighting with LED projectors. They’re great for illuminating driveways, trees, and garage doors.

The possibilities are endless!

Whether you know exactly what look you desire to achieve for your exterior home Christmas lights this year, or whether you want experienced designers to assist you, consulting with professionals can help you create and install gorgeous holiday lighting that makes your home pop from the curb.

The professional Christmas lighting installation and removal team at ProActive Landscaping has created some of the most stunning Christmas light displays in the Tulsa area. We’ll custom design and build your light display to give your home a unique, personalized, eye-catching look like no other in your neighborhood.

We offer free, fast estimates for Tulsa area residents—within a day if you send us photos of the front of your home. Or, we’ll happily come out to meet with you in person. Make plans to decorate your home with Christmas lights before we are booked up for the season. Contact us to schedule your Christmas light installation today.

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